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Epoxy Advantage

Resinous (Epoxy) FlooringSeamless:

  • Both conductive and dissipative range
  • Variable thickness for traffic condition
  • Chemically resistant
  • Durable, long lasting
  • Easily cleaned
  • Can withstand wet procedures

Resinous static-control flooring systems are becoming more applicable in industries where electrostatic discharge is a critical concern.  These flooring systems consist of liquid resin (used as a binder), conductive additives and other fillers or aggregates.  Polymer scientists have found that several kinds of polymers, with a pi-conjugated structure on the polymer backbone, conduct electricity when treated with charge-transfer agents.  There are no inherently conductive resins;  foreign conductive materials must be added.  Therefore, inserting conductive additives into a resin base is still the only way to formulate static-control resinous flooring.