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Stylish and acid stainable, overlay systems are ideal for the high traffic demands of retail and entertainment establishments.  These cementitious toppings are both self-leveling and quick curing for the fast pace of today's society.  These systems are integrally coloured in order to maintain their aesthetics under such abusive environments. They can be placed over cured concrete and other non-moving, structurally sound subflooring.


  • Provides a flat, hard, coloured or uncoloured topping for leveling and resurfacing most interior, non-moving floors subject to pedestrian ad vehicular traffic
  • levels and restores existing floors, corrects construction errors, serves as a follow-up to rough-screed projects, and as a base for the variegated colour effects produced by chemical stains.
  • environmentally friendly and formulated to provide safe use in sensitive interior spaces
  • nongypsum based
  • rapid strength gain permits opening to traffic with minimum delays.
  • ideal where thin topping installations are required because of existing thresholds, fixtures, or equipment.