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Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a one step blast system that strips, cleans and properly etches concrete floors simultaneously.  All dust and contaminants are collected by vacuum, so the floor coating can be applied immediately after sweeping.  No mess, no waiting.


The heart of the shot blasting system is a completely enclosed centrifugal blast wheel in the cleaning head.  As the wheel spins, metallic abrasive is fed into its center and hurled from its blades to blast the floor surface.  Media and contaminants rebound into a separation system which removes the contaminants to an attached dust collector and automatically recycles the cleaning media for re-use.


Shot Blasting is the most cost-effective and environmentally safe way to remove dirt, paint, coatings and other contaminants from floor surfaces.  The "one-step" method economically cleans and profiles surfaces of concrete and steel.

Major Applications include industrial plant and warehouse floors, parking garages, ship decks and storage tanks.

Why Shot Blast?

  • Able to remove ALL failed coatings
  • Shot blast surface preparation will make ALL floor coatings adhere better
  • Shot blasting is FAST and CLEAN
  • ALL coating manufacturers recommend it
  • Reduces customer downtime

Features and Benefits of Shot Blasting

  • Labour and time-saving shot blasting process strips, cleans and profiles simultaneously
  • Flooring surface is left dry and chemical-free without releasing airborne dust or contaminants
  • Drying times, acid etching and costly disposal procedures are eliminated
  • Blast pattern accuracy and wide abrasive selection allows users to achieve any desired surface profile
  • Excellent bonding characteristics are produced reducing coating failures, and maximizing floor life
  • Disposal of dust and contaminants is easily achieved
  • Recommended method of surface preparation by most coating manufacturers

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