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Diamond Grinding

Glue Removal

Carpet, tile and cutback adhesives must be removed prior to any floor coatings or coverings to ensure proper bonding. Glues must be shaved or scarified to be removed properly

Diamond grinding is the only effective option for glue and mastic removal. Because of the elastic properties of carpet adhesives, steel blast media is absorbed thereby making the standard method of shot blasting ineffective. Diamond grinding effectively cuts and shaves the mastic away resulting in a superior end product that is ready to accept a number of floor coverings. The grinding action of the diamonds also levels out any minor crowns and curling at the control joints thus resulting in a smoother floor.

After the surface has been properly ground, the substrate may require a flexible joint filler to repair any cracks and divots that may telegraph through to the surface before any floor coverings or coatings are applied. This repair is standard prior to installation of our coatings.

For those receiving this service please review our customer requirements.